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For over 40 years, Clinic Service has provided medical offices, clinics, group practices, and physicians with the medical billing services they need.

The effectiveness of our medical billing and coding services ensures we collect 99.7% of receivables, in an average of 21 days. This means you get paid more, and you get paid faster.

In fact, most physicians find that our medical billing service pays for itself. See for yourself with the revenue generator calculator, or call us for a quick estimate (303) 755-2900. Whether you’re a physician, office administrator, or practice manager, you can rest easy knowing that profitability of your medical practice is in good hands.

Revenue cycle managment and key performance reports are included with our physician billing services.  Our experienced medical practice consultants will help your practice improve revenue cycle and cash flow, implement new coding and health insurance regulations, and integrate medical billing with EMR / EHR software or systems. 

Clinic Service helps Medical Practice recover $500,000

“Clinic Service has actually helped us in so many different ways. Not only in refining how we bill, they have been great with our patients too. Having a medical billing company that actually is willing to work with our EMR is very important because it ties both the billing and medical collections together. They were able to collect $500,000 of our past collections for us, which was a lifesaver, and we felt was above and beyond anything we would have expected from them. We have found Clinic Service to be extremely important part of our growth and really can’t imagine doing it without them.”

                                John Xenos, Colorado Orthopaedics

July 16, 2014
Joint Commission Issues Warning About Unsafe Injection Procedures

The Joint Commission recently released an alert aimed at bringing awareness to unsafe injection procedures. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analyzed data over the last 13 years and found that thousands of patients have been adversely affected by the misuse of contaminated vials.

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